Play-ing with Dependency Injection

A few months ago I wrote about the lack of Dependency Injection in Play. As part of the 2.4 release of Play, Dependency Injection has »

Faking Data

It's showcase time, your application has been deployed and the product owner comes around the corner. The login screen loads up but you realise there's no »

Calabash-ing iOS applications

Automated acceptance testing is a standard and common practice when developing web applications. One of the most popular frameworks is Cucumber and it is easy to »

Swift and Objective-C, a Happy Couple

One of the great features of using Apple's new programming language Swift, is that it and Objective-C are pretty much interoperable. I have done several iOS »

Dropwizard and Guice integration

Dropwizard, as described on their website is a "Java framework for developing ops-friendly, high-performance, RESTful web services." I have been using it recently after seeing it »