Typhoon - Dependency Injection with Swift

Dependency Injection is a useful design pattern that allows for an application to be decoupled and it simplifies testing. It is used in the Java world »

Introduction to Garmin's Connect IQ

Late last year, Garmin announced a development platform for their wearables. This enabled software developers to build applications for Garmin watches. This opens up a whole »

Swiftly access Marvel Characters

As a kid I used to devour Marvel Comics all the time. Recently with regular Marvel films coming out, there has been renewed interest in the »

Play-ing with Dependency Injection

A few months ago I wrote about the lack of Dependency Injection in Play. As part of the 2.4 release of Play, Dependency Injection has »

Faking Data

It's showcase time, your application has been deployed and the product owner comes around the corner. The login screen loads up but you realise there's no »