Adding Continuous Integration to Play!

With services like Travis, it has become quite easy to add Continuous Integration to projects. This post will show you quickly how to setup Travis to »

Integrating Cucumber and Play

The default application generated by Play has examples of unit and integration tests, however it does not demonstrate how to integrate in any Behaviour Driven Development »

Fest Asserts

Just a quick post about the awesomeness of Fest Asserts. Fest asserts is a fluent interface for Unit testing assertions. I've always traditionally used Hamcrest Matchers »

Using PhantomJS with Play

Out of the box for the Play framework, you have two options for browser based testing, Firefox or HtmlUnit. Basically, you've got this test that is »

Testing SecureSocial

I started using the Play2 framework in conjunction with the SecureSocial authentication module. One of the features of the SecureSocial module is that it allows for »